Snuggle with a Sweet Sugarface


Idea: Save a Senior Dog from Life in a Shelter

November is National Adopt a Senior Dog Month.

Despite the notion that senior dogs (characterized as young as 6) simply lounge about, they can , in fact, be very active. My dog, Haley, ran with me almost every day at age 12, became a certified therapy dog at age 14 and visited “fellow seniors” at an assisted living facility almost every week at age 15.

Sherri Franklin and Liz Brooking of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue make a beautiful point in “Why Adopt a Senior Dog:”

The need for senior dog adoption is great. The ageism that causes seniors to be passed over is a prejudice without merit, as oftentimes it’s the older dog that is best suited for a happy household and a lasting marriage of dog and family.

To wit: this story about Tucker. He spent his entire life up to age 13 in a shelter, looking for a family. He was finally adopted and his human reports that “Tucker never had a single bad day in his life after we took him home.”

So, who’s ready to adopt a senior sweetie?

Image by Andy Sheng, Otis & Lucy Photography


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