Blind Dogs See With Their Hearts


Idea: Give Blind Dogs Some Much-Needed Love

This post’s title is the motto of Blind Dog Alliance, a group that helps blind and visually impaired dogs through rescue, owner assistance and education.

The organization is working to counter the stigma about blind dogs. Debbie, blind dog companion and foster, hopes to clear things up in an interview with natural pet magazine, Animal Wellness.

Unfortunately, people often believe that blind dogs can’t do anything (I’ve even had someone ask me if my dog could walk because he was blind) and don’t understand what a wonderful quality of life blind dogs can and do have.

Here are some things Debbie’s dogs do:

  • Leo, my blind and deaf forever foster, will be 18 in January… . He is unstoppable! He loves boxes and books and leaves and twigs and weeds and tearing my bills and pulling magnets off the fridge and knocking over the garbage… . And I have to watch him like a hawk! He can find the only crumb on the floor, and if I put a box down for 30 seconds, he’ll find it. I’ve even had to empty the bottom shelves in the bookcases! He even has his own Facebook page and with almost 500 fans!
  • Watson loves squeaky toys and is almost never without one. His favorite thing to do is flip them all over the place and pounce on them, and while he may take a few seconds to find them, he always does!
  • Sae enjoys coming to school with me and is gentle and kind with all of the students he meets.
  • We also have a volunteer whose blind dog goes to the library to listen to students read.
  • Another volunteer [has a] blind dog [that] is a certified therapy dog.

My mom rescued a blind Old English sheepdog (Kirby, shown above) from Taiwan and I can firmly attest that his joie de vivre is completely unhindered. He bounds around the yard, chases toys, plays with the cat and is truly unlimited in his everyday activities; he even knows how to open the doggie gate.

Being a blind dog’s human sure sounds like a lot of fun. Check out the available dogs here to find a furry friend to join your family or sponsor a special pup that captures your heart.

Subscribe to Animal Wellness using promo code AWA149 and they’ll donate 40% of subscription sales to Blind Dog Rescue Alliance.


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