6 Tips for Smart Pet Travel


Idea: A Little Prep Goes a Long Way

The holiday travel season is here.  According to the Bureau of Transportation, “Long-distance travelers who make overnight trips at Thanksgiving spend an average of just under three nights away.”

If you’re staying away from home with your furry friend, here’s how to be a perfect guest inspired by this article .

  1. Be sure your dog can be left alone in a new environment — and only for short periods. Interactive, treat-filled toys are a great way to keep your buddy busy while you’re away. This is my dog’s favorite.
  2. Before you leave home, find both a local vet and a local emergency vet. Print out the phone numbers, addresses and directions from your destination.
  3. Make a temporary ID tag for your pooch with your local contact info (Make it swanky, a la Martha).
  4. Print out a photo of your pet with your contact info just in case she gets lost.
  5. Give your family members or the front desk your mobile number in case of emergency.
  6. Mind your manners: some folks prefer pets to lounge on the floor, not on the furniture.

Happy trails!

Image by Andy Sheng, Otis & Lucy Photography


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