How to Feed a Homeless Person’s Dog


Idea: Donate Pet Food

The National Coalition on Homelessness estimates that 3.5 million Americans are homeless. Between 5% to 10% of homeless people have dogs and/or cats. In some areas of the country the rate is as high as 24%. Sadly, the homeless are often forced to choose between a roof over their head or their dog.

Pets of the Homeless is a nonprofit volunteer organization that provides pet food and veterinary care to the homeless in local communities across the United States and Canada. They are currently trying to reach their goal of collecting  202,000 pounds of pet food. They are short of their 2013 goal by 78,321 pounds. They are also seeking collars, leashes and treats.

Visit one of their collection sites in your community to donate.  If there is not a collection site near you, contact them to find out how to start one or contribute $25 and the will feed and provide veterinary care for three dogs a day.

Image by Dan Lee via Pets of the Homeless


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