Give a Golden Gift


Idea: Decorate a Tree, Help a Homeless Golden

Golden retrievers are near and dear to my heart, having cared for three of them so far. The AKC defines them as intelligent, eager to please, friendly and adaptable.

But even these sweet, popular dogs find themselves homeless.

Homeward Bound is a rescue and sanctuary where adoptable pups can run, play, train and be loved on their journey to their forever home. I am especially fond of their Golden Touch: Senior-to-Senior Connection program that places senior dogs with fellow “Golden Oldies.” The sanctuary also provides a permanent home to residents who are better served there due to health issues.

Give a meaningful gift this holiday by decorating their virtual Giving Tree. Place a festive light, ornament or package around the tree in honor or in memory of your friend, family member or pet (a personalized message can also be displayed). Your honoree will even receive a notification about the gift  from Homeward Bound.  Starting at $10.

What could be more festive?


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