10 Ways to Make Shelter Pets Feel Loved


Idea: Include Helping Homeless Pets in Your New Year

Simple ways to help shelter pets in the New Year from the blog of Found Animals, a nonprofit that has helped over 500,000 pets and their people through adoption, spay and neuter, microchipping and other initiatives.

1. Donate your unwanted towels. Editor’s Note: Operation Blankets of Love is my personal favorite.

2. Likewise with old blankets.

3. Save your stack: newspapers are used to line kitten and puppy cages.

4. Donate food.

5. Donate cat litter.

6. Gift treats.

7. Give toys.

8. Network adoptable pets and getting involved in animal rescue communities on social media.

9. Give cash or gift cards or sponsor a pet’s adoption fee.

10. Donate love and time. Sign up at your local shelter to take dogs for walks or cuddle with the cats.

Read the full post here.


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