Pups on a Plane: Saving Desperate Dogs


Idea: Help Pups Make the Long Road Home Shorter

FlyPups, a nonprofit based in New Jersey, is a dog rescue air transport service. They relocate dogs in desperate situations (like hoarding) or from kill shelters to organizations that will get them ready for adoption. Because some dogs are in a fragile state of health (emotionally and physically), transporting them via the friendly skies is a more efficient, humane option.

Their volunteer pilots use their personal aircraft for the missions to save pups that would have been euthanized.

These flights are nothing short of amazing and filled with wonderment. We’d be hard pressed to say these dogs aren’t completely aware of the fate they’re narrowly escaping and the new life that’s just a short flight away. Without fail, the dogs bestow copious amounts of affection upon the pilot and helper as they board the plane, as if to say thanks for the lift and the hope we’ve provided.
— FlyPups

View their completed missions here.

The average cost of fuel is $800 and is supported by donations. If you give $500 or more, you will receive an original painting inspired by one of the rescued dogs.

Learn more and donate here.

Follow the organization on Facebook and Twitter.

Image by FlyPups


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