The Golden(s) Rule: Telling Tales of 1,000 Golden Retrievers


Story: Site’s Goal is 1,000 Golden Retriever Tributes

No stranger to the delightfully magnetic personality of the golden, having been a lucky pup parent to three, I readily identify with the 1000 Goldens Project, a site dedicated to celebrating this breed — thousand-fold.

Launched in 2008, the goal is to tell 1,000 stories of those who have been touched by the breed; anyone can celebrate, honor or memorialize their pet. (N.B.: Haley, the inspiration for The Paw It Forward Project, is #28.)

“Dogs transform lives. Just like people, every dog has a story. It is an opportunity for anyone to honor that precious gift,” wrote Traci, the site’s founder, in an email. “We were madly in love with our first golden, Farley. I wanted to share his life with others, but also wanted to have a purpose. We’ve been able to share information on great organizations and rescues via the stories people post.”

Stories like these:

  • A very shy pediatric patient who finally came out of his shell after a visit with therapy dog, Gopher, #25
  • Zoe, #21, a puppy with an undertreated broken leg relinquished by a pet store owner, later adopted and filling loneliness with love
  • Gracie, #19, a pup helping a mom in the most special way: “Mom got Gracie thru puppyhood and Gracie got her thru cancer”
  • Reese, #14, one of 24 “animal actors” placed on Craigslist by a production company after the movie wrapped, nursed back to health
  • Honey, #7, an outdoorsy, traveling adventure-lover, up for anything from making snow angels to cross-country road trips

And of course, Farley, #1, “the most unconditionally loving, intelligent, hilariously funny and wonderful companion,” who passed suddenly in 2012.

The 1000 Goldens Project family welcomed Newton, the puppy currently training for the “Dog Zoomie Winter Olympics” shown above, in 2013.

The long-term objective of the project is to publish a book featuring the stories and donate proceeds to Leader Dogs for the Blind, a nonprofit agency of Lions Clubs International founded in 1939 that has raised, trained and graduated more than 14,000 guide dogs.

“It is an organization I am passionate about and they enable loving families to adopt Leader Dogs who are retired from service as well as ‘career change’ dogs who weren’t completely suited for the life of a guide dog,” she continued.

The site also includes a substantial list of golden rescues and other nonprofit organizations helping the pups.

View the tributes here.

Learn more here or tell your story here.

Follow the project on Facebook.

Image by 1000 Goldens Project


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