Make a Cover Girl Count: Vote for a Cancer Dog


Story: Vote for a Cure

60% of golden retrievers and 1 in 4 dogs over the age of 2 will die from cancer.

My dog (and the inspiration for The Paw It Forward Project ), Haley the Wonderdog, was one of them.

The Morris Animal Foundation is looking for a cure for canine cancer by raising $1 million for research and you can help with the click of a vote — for Haley the Wonderdog!

The Orvis Cover Dog Contest supports canine cancer research by helping Morris Animal Foundation develop early cancer-detection tests and safer treatment protocols for dogs. So far, $910,000 has been raised.

To reach the $1 million milestone, the Million Dollar Dog Sweepstakes, a random prize draw for goodies like a Tempur-Pedic dog bed and a $500 gift card to The Orvis Company, is being held for early contest entries through February 15.

If Haley wins, she will have the chance to appear on a future cover of The Orvis Dog Book catalog, showing a positive side of cancer: after she was diagnosed, she thrived and even went on to become a certified therapy dog, volunteering at her local senior home once a week. Her story inspired me to not only launch this site, but also Haley the Wonderdog, to help dogs with cancer live better and longer.

Contest winners are chosen by Orvis team members and only one pup will be selected as the Million Dollar Dog.

This partnership will allow our Foundation to continue to fund the best science that will find preventives, treatments and hopefully one day a cure for cancer.
— Dan Reed, chief development officer, Morris Animal Foundation

Since 1948, the nonprofit has invested more than $70 million toward 2,000+ studies, including their Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, which follows 3,000 goldens for life to gather insights that can lead to better treatments and cures for cancer and other diseases affecting goldens — and all other breeds.

Donate $1 to vote through March 31.

Watch for updates on Haley the Wonderdog’s Facebook page — and please share!

Follow Orivs Dogs and the Morris Animal Foundation on Facebook.


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