Homeless Cancer Dog Finds Home, Can’t Stop Smiling

Platty with his new pup parent.

Platty with his new mom.

Story: Abandoned Dog with Cancer Finds True Love

A homeless 10-year-old golden with fibrosarcoma has found love — and proper medical care — at last.

Platty, so named for his “permanent smile” caused by an inoperable mouth tumor, was brought to a Tulsa city shelter by someone who found him last month and despite his special needs, shelter volunteer Alli Elmore adopted him.

In a recent interview, she said, “I just thought how sad Tuffy [her golden retriever mix] would be if he were there, spending his last days in a shelter. And I decided that whether he has two days, two weeks or two years, Platty deserves the dignity of being with someone who loves him.”

That love extends to throwing him a birthday party and indulging him in Kraft Cheez Whiz. The party was attended by about 200 people. “We thought it might be too much for him, but he just sat there soaking it up, wagging his tail,” said Karel Bagwell, Alli’s mom.

“He’s just the happiest, sweetest guy. He loves life. He enjoys meeting people. That’s all we want — for him to be happy.”

In just 10 days, he has garnered over 14,000 “likes” on Facebook.

Normally, dogs with his aggressive cancer, which spread to his lungs and possibly his spleen, would be euthanized, but because he is not in pain and there was a foster option, shelter staff felt placing him in a home was the right thing to do.

And there is hope: chemotherapy and radiation are still options.

A fund has been established to help with his medical expenses. So far, $8,500 has been raised.

Get updates on Platty’s smile on Facebook.

Donate and learn more here.

via Haley the Wonderdog, my blog that helps dogs with cancer live better and longer
Image by Tulsa World

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