Abused Pit Bull Turned Therapy Dog Becomes America’s Sweetheart

Susie Hero Dog 2014

Story: Pup and Adopter Stand Up for Fellow Abuse Victims

Susie, an abuse survivor who became a therapy dog has been named this year’s “American Hero Dog” at the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™.

The awards honor “the powerful relationship between dogs and people and recognize extraordinary acts of heroism performed by ordinary dogs.”

Susie was only a puppy when her owner beat her savagely and set her on fire, leaving her for dead in a local park in Greensboro, North Carolina.

After being rescued by a local animal shelter and nursed back to health, she was adopted by Donna Lawrence, who had been the victim of a terrible dog attack that nearly killed her and left her without the ability to have children.

Together, they helped each other heal from their physical and emotional wounds, triumphing over pain and fear to become voices for abused animals and helping pass ‘Susie’s Law‘ in North Carolina, which calls for harsher penalties for convicted animal abusers.

Susie became the subject of the movie, ‘Susie’s Hope,’ and working side by side, Donna and Susie continue to make the world a better place for others by visiting hospitals, schools, and nursing homes to inspire people never to give up.”

— American Humane Association

Susie’s charity partner, Paws & Effect, an organization that raises, trains and places service dogs with disabled children and veterans, received $5,000 in her name.

Give $10 to the American Humane Association to help animals and children in need. Text HUMANE to 80888.

Follow the Hero Dog Awards on Facebook and Twitter.

Image from American Humane Association

2 thoughts on “Abused Pit Bull Turned Therapy Dog Becomes America’s Sweetheart

  1. I am so delighted to find your website and organization. What a kind and thoughtful project! I am indescribably proud to be the editor, copy editor, and writer on Susie’s Editorial Team. If you would like to read more about Susie’s story and the story of her owner, Donna Smith Lawrence, please go to susieshope-nc.org where you can read both of their stories, all about Susie’s Law, about the Susie’s Hope(TM) nonprofit organization that Susie and Donna started and through which they educate people, and so much more. You can see photo albums too. From there you can order any of the three children’s books that Donna has written. All three are available from amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. The chapter book, “Susie’s Miracle–The Inspiration Behind Susie’s Law” tells their whole stories, is packed with extra information, and has lots and lots of photographs as well. Please like the “Meet the Author: Donna Smith Lawrence” Facebook page as well. Some of the sales proceeds from Donna’s children’s books go to the Susie’s Hope(TM) nonprofit organization, which is doing great works for animals.–Lynn Bemer Coble


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