Old Dogs Deserve Better – Amazing Ideas for #GivingTuesday


Idea: Give Compassion to Homeless Senior Dogs

The Grey Muzzle Foundation is working hard to create more happy tails for homeless senior dogs this #GivingTuesday. Here are a few ways you can help.

Dogs of Every Age Deserve Loving Care

I’m supporting their “Hospice Care for Homeless Senior Dogs” fund to help dogs that are too sick or fragile to be adopted get out of shelters to live their final days with dignity and love.

Sadly, senior dogs are often abandoned in shelters at this stage of their life, left to die alone and afraid.

Soft Beds for Sweet Faces

Senior bones can be achy and resting on the hard, concrete shelter floor helps seniors sleep better — and can give them a better chance at finding a forever family by helping their mobility.

You can provide a bed here.

Safe, Warm, Home

Senior dogs are less likely to be adopted, yet they deserve the chance to live out their golden years, months or weeks in a place of love, security and peace. Grey Muzzle provides funding and resources to nonprofit shelters, rescues and sanctuaries nationwide to make sure no no old dog dies alone and afraid.

Donations made today through this donation page are eligible for matching funds from Network for Good.

Be a Senior Dog Superhero Today

You can help even more by spreading the word. Get shareable graphics, “copy and paste” tweets, Facebook updates and more with the Grey Muzzle #GivingTuesday Toolkit.

We believe old dogs contribute positively to our quality of life and have much to teach us about patience, respect, responsibility, loyalty and unconditional love.”
— Grey Muzzle

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Image via Grey Muzzle

How 1 Little Gift Makes a Huge Difference


Idea: Buy this Ornament, Do Good for Old Dogs

This August, I lost my dog and inspiration for this site, Haley, and was lucky enough to hold her in my arms as she transitioned at the remarkable age of 15.

It’s unimaginable that many old dogs are abandoned when signs of their age appear – exiled to the garage or yard without human companionship or even left at shelters or turned loose.

The Grey Muzzle Organization helps these older dogs by carefully vetted organizations that provide them care, comfort and loving homes.

In two different designs (Heart with Paw or Angel Dog), these pewter keepsakes ($15) make a special gift for anyone who has an old dog in their heart, like I do.

All proceeds support Grey Muzzle’s grants for at-risk senior dogs.

Buy now.