Positive Pit Bulls


Story: A Friendly Dog Shouldn’t Have to Wear a Friendly Collar

It’s National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

I was with my golden retriever today at the car wash and I met a darling pit bull  wearing a collar with the word “FRIENDLY” embroidered on it.

Ironically enough, my dog, a “friendly-looking” pup is actually mildly reactive.

This pit bull couldn’t have been more neutral, yet his caregiver took the extra step to make sure folks know that he is. I don’t think that’s fair.

Let’s give this negative hype a remix. Here are positive stories to read and share.

10 Uplifting Pit Bull Tales
How to Help

Pit bulls and pit bull mixes are the dogs most at risk of being killed in animal shelters around the country because of the sheer number of them and the negative stigma surrounding them.”

— Best Friends Animal Society

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